two happy terriers with tongues out sitting on wall

Measure, re-measure, then measure again!
Like humans, dogs vary in size and physique. Even within individual breeds there are many variations in size. There are no standard sizes in the pet industry and each manufacturer adheres to their own sizing system for their own products. These are guidelines only!

Our collar measurement ranges outlined on each product description refer to the approximate minimum and maximum neck measurements that a specific collar size (XXS, XS, S, M… etc) will usually fit within.

Neck measurement is taken at the place where your dog’s collar would naturally rest. You need to ensure you measure a complete circle around the neck. DO NOT measure the length of your dog’s old collar to determine your dog’s neck size. You can also use a soft tape measure to measure the inner circumference of your dog’s existing collar (when done up how they usually wear it).

We do not measure our collars laid out flat - please do not use this method to determine your size selection. Please, please, please measure and then re-measure your pet's neck! If you are still unsure about which size to select, please contact us on and we'll help you choose the right size for your dog.

Leather Performance & Care
Coloured leather changes over time and is expected. Exposure to water accelerates this process. Salt water is highly corrosive to leather. Avoid permitting your dog's collar to remain soaking wet and always let it air dry after use. While your collar's colour may change as a result of soaking (particularly red), performance is unaffected. Due to the nature of the intended use, any change in appearance is not considered a manufacturing defect. Please consider this before placing your order.

Whilst every effort is made to create durable, handsome dog gear that will perform well and look great, we advise our customers that no leather dog accessory is indestructible - collars and leads are put through considerable stress even under normal use.